Lost Generation

For many years I considered myself to be a part of “Lost Generation” — unable to seize the potential I have in a fulfilling way or recognize the direction I should take in life. I decided to break free from Lost Generation because I think it is not true. If you lack motivation or you … More Lost Generation

How To Be Bold

My brother has always been the bolder one. He likes challenges and adventure. I have always been less assertive and I believe that is how I am also today. I usually only push the open door so knocking on the closed one is not really my thing. Assertiveness is however much more than embracing challenges. … More How To Be Bold

Be Yourself

You are one of a kind. What you have to offer this world should leave a certain footprint. The mankind, in its existence, is very young and it is very likely that the generations that are yet to come will build on your efforts. The kids of your kids will live their lives on the … More Be Yourself

Keep Your Word!

I have made a conscience decision to be honest to people. I do not mean reckless honesty when you say whatever crosses your mind but now when I do not like or want something, I simply say no, thank you, maybe next time. As a result I do not have to come up with different … More Keep Your Word!